5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Premises Safe: [2022]

5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Premises Safe: [2022]

These are 5 simple steps to keep your premises safe. From having on-site personnel, installing CCTV cameras, considering keyholding, employing random patrols0 to implementing employee training.

1. On-Site Personnel

Staff members may have security as part of their routine job responsibilities, or you may have hardworking.

Premises storing valuable goods often have security guards to patrol the premises to safeguard them from being attacked by thieves. These security guards often work round the clock to deter criminals.

2. Installing CCTV and an Alarm System

When it comes to the safety of your customers, staff, or even premises, installing a CCTV or an Alarm system becomes imperative. We recommend having both working at the place, but we are more than happy to conduct a CCTV audit or a security audit in case of any doubt.


3. Keyholding and Random Patrols

Being physically present at both places can be challenging for you, or sometimes even impossible. Random Patrols to manned or unmanned sites could facilitate maintaining security onsite. Whether you want to deploy security for vacant property or employ security for an emergency or keyholding call-outs, we can help to secure your premises with our specialized random mobile patrols.

4. Consider Door Supervisors

Security dogs have heightened senses, allowing them to identify and react to any wrongdoing faster than security guards. Our dogs can dissuade an intruder even when they are miles apart. Therefore, intruders can never getaway if you have our dog security on your property, making your possessions more secure. The dog alerts its handler, who consequently carries out the process required to handle the intruder. Our security officers will also guard the premises adequately to make sure no unauthorized individual gets to your site.

Our dog handlers and security dogs are highly trained to protect the public and ensure our services maintain their high standards. Make sure all the guards are SIA qualified and fully trained to NASDU standards and have fully equipped vans meeting the latest industry standards.


5. Implement Employee Training

Communication of security procedures is key as unfortunately; a lot of compromises can occur due to your employees. Without this knowledge, they might not know how to act if something goes wrong, and they may accidentally breach policies. And whilst it is rare, some rogue employees might try and pass on information with people outside of the business. 

Trust is important within all companies, so make sure all current employees are fully trained of any new points or systems you’re bringing into the business and reiterate any existing policies you have too. 

Displaying any updated information around your building can help ensure everyone is on the same page. And if you are introducing any new major security systems, it might be worth asking individuals to sign a copy of your new policy to confirm they have fully understood how things will be working from now on. 



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