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Looking for a Reliable Security Guard Company?

At Dynamic Security Solutions Ltd, we have got decades of real experiences, protective Heads of state, Royalty, and other people below direct threat of violence. we tend to perceive that a protection officer should be able to alter their operational stance to permit the Principal to measure life while not Associate in Nursing dictatorial presence on their shoulder. 

The management of protecting security should be underpinned by relevant intelligence, coming up with and sturdy responses to totally different threats. If a protection officer is inexperienced or poorly ready, they will under-react, thanks to poor situational awareness, leading to physical damage to the Principal. instead, over-reaction to a perceived threat, that is not acceptable, may end up in legal proceeding against the consumer and harm to their name.

Since the drawdown in hostilities within the geographic region, there has been an Associate in the flow of self-announced shut Protection specialists within the non-public consumer market. Caution should be exercised once choosing an in-depth Protection Officer for your family. it is usually the soft skills of diplomacy and fellow feeling that area unit lacking in people who have solely worked therein atmosphere. All Dynamic Security’s CPOs have a vetted background and references to prove that they need to work in prime households for Principals. we tend to hold information of extremely trained men and girls of varied ages and cultures with a spread of advanced qualifications in medical, driving, and language skills. we tend to diversify the information because of every family or Principal has different priorities and preferences. we have got placed CPOs with youngsters and aged Principals also because of the usual profiles of in families.

It is a legal demand for an in-depth Protection Officer to be authorized by the protection business Authority (SIA) however several of our CPOs have trained extensively with the Military or Police and performed Protection roles therein capability.

A Protection Officer can accompany the family where their lives take them and whenever they are needed. while their area unit invariably restrictions on the utilization of force, Associate in Dynamic Security CPO can primarily determine risks before they become an instantaneous threat that permits for shunning while not the requirement for physical intervention. That being aforesaid, each CPO is capable and willing to use defensive techniques to confirm the protection of their Principal!

Selected for his or her folk's skills and emotional intelligence. they must be sympathetic to the protection issues of their leader while equalization that with Associate in unrestricted style. Security is an Associate in enabler and will ne'er commit to limit the needs of the family.

Responsibilities and duties of a Security Guard

  • Confidential and private consultant to the top of home (As desired)
  • Personal protection escort for any friend
  • Daily intelligence gathering/ characteristic potential threats to the family
  • Driving duties and escort vehicle if needed
  • Alternative route coming up with and counter police work aware
  • Event security/ guest reception
  • Advance team to secure the arrival purpose at a venue. (Only as a part of a bigger team)
  • Residential security
  • Emergency coming up with and coordination
  • Travel security/ escort services
  • Yacht and personal jet protection
  • Search trained
  • Intruder intervention
  • Asset protection together with cars, art, and stock.
  • Ability to anticipate the wants of the Principal and set up consequently
  • Adaptable to the dress and occasion as acceptable to the Principal
  • Experience within the delivery of discreet, confidential, and unnoticeable service

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