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Traffic Marshals

DSS Ltd specializes in providing man guarding security and traffic marshals to a wide range of projects and sites. Our constant commitment to client satisfaction and continuous feedback allows us to develop our services that revolve around delivering top-quality solutions. 

We believe in continuous training and development programs to ensure our traffic marshals confidently deliver the highest and latest safety and security compliance. 

At Dynamic Security, our traffic marshal’s primary goal is to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians in any road circumstances, in addition to this our traffic marshals are trained to use the proper hand signals, equipment to hold traffic, coordinate movements properly, and communicate with personnel. They can also confidently guide delivery drivers in their duties to reverse and unload most safely and safely guide pedestrians at crossroads during busy traffic times. 

Our traffic marshals maintain a strict dress code of brightly coloured hi-vis jackets to ensure their visibility to the public and vehicles during their shift. 

Our traffic marshals have been used in areas such as: 

  • Construction sites
  • Traffic hot spots
  • Car parks
  • Refurbishment sites
  • Demolition sites
  • Development areas
  • Events

Traffic Marshall responsibilities:

  • Maintaining security surveillance on site. 
  • Managing visitors’ logbooks and recording deliveries. 
  • Ensuring the movement of traffic in and around the site
  • Directing road traffic of vehicles entering and exiting the site.
  • Ensuring visitors to the site are always wearing correct and appropriate safety uniforms.
  • Facilitating the movement of heavy vehicles, dump trucks, and cranes on site. 
  • Monitoring all visitors at the site and ensuring they have clearances to enter. 
  • Ensuring vehicles are safely moving in and out of the construction site. 
  • Directing traffic when vehicles enter or exit from site
  • Responding to applicable ad hoc requests.
  • Preserving pedestrian and traffic routes outside and inside of the site

Traffic Marshall we supply will have below qualities:

  • Valid Traffic Marshall Ticket.
  • Valid CSCS card.
  • Proven work experience as a Traffic Marshall.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Good knowledge of health and safety and regulations.
  • Excellent visual awareness.
  • Physically fit and able to stand for periods.
  • Good attention to detail.
  • Ability to communicate using hand signals.

If you are looking to start a new project or existing project and would like a comparison quote, we are available 24/7 to assist you. 

Please give us a call on

0330 113 2823 or email us at sales@dynamicsecurity.co.uk and we can help you secure your site with the best security concierge team 


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