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Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrol is a service we believe best suits companies wanting to keep up a high level of security and safety at their sites or premises, and who do not always require static officers. Recently we have noticed a high increase of businesses and private individuals in need of mobile patrol services. Our mobile patrol service is not only cost-effective but also an efficient alternative to keeping the presence of a static security guard.

At Dynamic Security we can tailor our officers to meet your companies’ requirements and can guarantee a trusted service that will keep your property, staff, and assets completely safe and secure.

We train our SIA licensed guards to not only secure your site by acting as a visible deterrent but also by being extra alert and helpful to detect any early signs of potential issues, for instance, alarm malfunctions, doors or windows left open, or gates unlocked. In the case of any issues, our security officers are aware to report to our 24-hour control where they will assess the issue and advise the guard accordingly.

All our SIA officers, including mobile patrol, are subject to the same vetting standards and undertake the same standard security and customer service training as our static security offices. This service suits the companies that want to maintain a level of safety and security at their premises throughout evenings and weekends, where static security is always not a requirement.

We can assist customers with our service on a short or long-term basis and can provide you with mobile patrol anywhere, across the UK. Many clients have benefited from our mobile patrol service throughout times when their property may be vacant for long periods. This could be throughout the Summer bank holidays, Christmas and Easter periods, or any other times of the year wherever there might not be anyone to observe the site.

At times simply the presence of a security patrol officer is sufficient to deflect any wrongdoings, forestall vandalism and make the premises feel secure. When you work with a company with over 10 years' experience, you can be certain our expert and effective team will keep your property safe and secure.

Our mobile patrol service can also be used with any of our other services to further strengthen the security protection on your site, throughout the times where your property may be at a high risk of intrusion, threat, or vandalism. If you have a large site more prone to danger, our mobile patrol officers can ensure the full perimeter of your site is investigated and searched.

Our fleet of cars is fully printed with the necessary warning signs and is often checked and serviced to ensure the mobile patrol operation is not interrupted. We can in addition to this display our warning boards on your premises to discourage criminals when our officers are not seen on patrol.

Our 24-hour control team is on hand to support.

Please give us a call on

0330 113 2823 to further discuss how we can help and secure your site, or you can email our dedicated team at sales@dynamicsecurity.co.uk.


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